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my edit lab

Gather your employees around a team building event that they've never experienced: making a film. Behind the camera or in front of the lens, your employees will discover every step required to make a movie: write the script about your company, coordinate the production, cast their colleagues, act like movie stars and film. myeditlab takes care of the post production and delivers the movie that can be broadcast during any of your corporate events. 

Cherry on the cake: this film can be used as a promotional clip for your brand!


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The jewel of social media: an original, short, dynamic video to grab your clients' interest. We strike the perfect balance between a consumer's shaky home video and the overpolished corporate promos.

Want to launch a new product? Send it our way and we will create an entertaining user's video that you can share on social media. 

Want a creative service review? We come to you undercover to test and report our incredible experience on your premises. 

Bubbling with ideas? Want to pitch your concept? Need to jump-launch your start-up? You need an explainer video that is as innovative and cutting-edge as your concept. Trust us, we've been there!

                                             creates unique video concepts to promote your brand to the public and within your company. 

Contact us to talk about your brand/project. A detailed quote is just an email away!

Whether you are running a corporate conference, seminar or workshop, our crew seeks out compelling shots, inspirational soundbites, and highlights key elements of the event in a visual storytelling approach.

Our optional express video-editing service allows you to broadcast the video during the closing event.

myeditlab engages viewers and makes your event unique and memorable.​


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