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my edit lab

to surprise friends and family during happy celebrations.

From your batch or from scratch. Easy to share and easy to gift.

myeditlab gather the home-videos

you captured over time, and transform them into a professional short film.



If your project calls for original content,

myeditlab will produce, write and shoot material

before editing it into an exceptional short film.

We solve your time, skills and creativity issues. 

You’ve gathered tons of videos on your phone and camera. Now you want to put them all together – as smoothly as possible. Send us the raw footage and we’ll select your best shots, add powerful music, and create striking animation to create a movie that pays tribute to your personal story.

You want to surprise a loved one with a video gift . . . but you have no idea what to shoot and no time to organize your friends and family. Don’t panic!

We help you design the story, write the script, and guide everyone to capture the best video messages. 

After collecting your raw footage, we work our magic (editing, transitions, visual and sound FX and create a moving and memorable video gift!

Milestone Birthdays
Holiday Gift
Mother's Day
Filming a Cinematic package
Film Crew
Staying focused behind the camera
Clap 1
Directing for a Save The Date
Studio Set
Best Documentary Winner
Filming For You Were Once Strangers

It’s time to reveal the truth: One of us is an award-winning director!

We can direct your movie from A to Z. From pre-production to script and cinematography, right up to the very last stages of post-production, we’ll be taking you on an unforgettable journey. We can direct you to be the best actor you need to be. Your family and friends will eagerly await your red carpet début after they see your cinematic project!

Family Vacation
surprised baby

2. Get a quote

4. Let us work our magic

2. Let us craft the concept

3. Get a quote

4. Become the star of your film

3. Send us your videos

5. Be the hero!

1. Let's talk  about your project

1. Let's talk  about your project

                 creates unique videos

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